Presidential Villa

Landlot: 1300 sqm | Villa size: 925 sqm

Available: SOLD OUT

Ideally constructed and furnished as a dream house with opulent living quarters and complete seclusion just by the sea. The Presidential Villa has six bedrooms and an area of roughly 1,718 m2, situated in the corner paradise close to the ocean. You can hear the single beat of the enormous sea, the living space spans along the sea, which still ensures privacy for you and your loved ones. Elegant and sophisticated in every detail, a superb place. Each and Every item thing has been meticulously chosen and arranged. The interior is designed to be close to nature and in harmony with it; a light, airy atmosphere provides you the most peace, relaxation, and comfort in this comfortable living area.

Presidential Villa - Fusion Villa Da Nang


Presidential Villa - Fusion Villa Da Nang

Floor Plan

Interior Design

Exterior Design



    Presidential Villa - Fusion Villa Da Nang
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